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Meet people with similar interests
  • Meet, talk and discuss to people with same interests

    Having interests or abilities and enjoying them individually can be fulfilling. But having a group of people with similar interests, discussing or just talking, can lead to even more enjoyment and further development of your interests.

  • Reliable

    Hosting for years, ForumLines is one of the largest provider of free forum hosting.

  • 24/7 Support

    With staff on hand every day of the week and people online to answer your questions at any time, find out why people like our support!

  • Advanced but simple to use dashboard

    Our super simple dashboard makes managing your forum easy peasy! You'll like the look and structure of our dashboard with clear language and a simple layout.

Let us help you to meet and help other people!


Support users the way you should
  • Customers of your services or products will bump into different kind of problems.

    Users often like to figure out thing by them self. Just look at yourself.

  • ForumLines advanced, but easy to use, search engine will help users figuring out things by themselves.

    Giving you more time to focus on things you love.

  • Sometimes, even with everything your write, a user can't find an answer.

    This unlucky user can post a new topic on the forum. Now your community jumps in and helps this user and you don't have to type a single character.

  • Go even further

    Offer paid subscriptions to for example advanced topics, professional support or something else.

Give ForumLines a try, for a happy supported user and for you to focus on the things you love.


Multiple forums and subforums

All the usual forum features

Gamification, awards, point levels, etc

Images, folders and galleries

Full site functionality

Full search

Fully customizable, including html

Widgets and boxes


Wordpress integration


Forms, polls, etc.

All the Tools

ForumLines gives you the ability to create your own forum/discussion board at no cost.


  • One or more forums
  • One or more forms
  • One or more polls
  • Full search
  • Moderators
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Fully customizable (styles and themes)
  • Advanced rights
  • Not only a forum but also a site!

And more:

  • Bookmarks
  • Boxes
  • Comments
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Menu
  • Pages
  • Settings
  • Users
  • Style
  • Themes
  • Moderators
  • Widgets

And even more

  • Applications
  • Awards
  • Branding
  • Disabled pages
  • Disabled sections
  • Global award rules
  • Invoice settings
  • Mail formats
  • Offers
  • Page titles
  • Point levels
  • Smileys
  • Subscriptions


Here's a demo of a ForumLines forum. This is our official support forum which in fact is a forum hosted on the ForumLines service.


Wordpress plugin updated
We've just updated our Wordpress plugin to work with the latest version of Wordpress.

Feel free to update your plugins and remember to report any problems you might bump into.

Update time!
Update time!
* images can be made private.
* Images are now sorted by date by default (in dashboard)
* New dashboard widget: Tips. Which displays tips ( duh )
* The meta widget now includes sign up, sign in and sign out links.
* header can be hidden, logo in header can be hidden.
* when logo in header is hidden you can specify a title which appears in the header.
User register and last login date, recent comments fixed, site urls in profile working, etc.
A small update has just been uploaded. This update includes:
* View when user has registered and when he logged in for the last time (see "Users" section in the dashboard).
* The "recent comments" home widget has been fixed.
* Site urls in public user profile now work.
* Changing a image date now moves the image to the correct directory.

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When you have a question, found a bug (it happens) than please post a message on our support forum:

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